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Fora Robotics

Development of robotics, mechatronics and prototyping

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Our company provides a range of services, which includes the development of a concept, the creation of design and construction documentation, as well as the selection of electronic components.

We manufacture parts on our own 3D printers. If necessary, laser cutting is used. Also we have a modern CNC milling machine for metal processing.

Selection of electronic components of any complexity, taking into account the needs of the customer, ensure the compatibility of all components of the electrical circuit, conduct a performance check.

Our capabilities allow both the production of a prototype and the production of small series. All parts are manufactured using modern high-tech equipment.

Our Robots

We can make any modification of our robots, starting from the eyes and face, ending with functionality and growth. Or develop a robot from scratch.


HR Robot Truebot

The robot itself asks questions to the interlocutor and, due to special software, determines the veracity of the answers and the psychological profile of the responder.


TV Bot

TV Bot can work as a TV presenter, teacher, guide, entertainer, DJ and so on. The robot has mobile arms and head. The eyes of the robot are displays capable of conveying emotions.


Robot Painter FRP

Robot artist FRP-01 will draw a portrait of yours or your guests. This is a self-painting easel in the basic version. You can purchase an advanced version, where an android robot is behind the easel.


Full size R2D2

Moves forward and backward rotation 360 degrees in place, head rotation 360 degrees, the illumination of all indicators is similar to the original, he also speaks his own language.



You can remotely control his hands. Hands have almost as many degrees of freedom as a human. He can say what you type or preset. The movements of the jaw are synchronized. Eyes can follow an object.


Fobot 150

Autonomous robot, independently moving and talking on any topic.
Can work as a waiter, guide, presenter, consultant, entertainer to meet guests and so on.


Matryoshka Robot

Moves, talks, moves his head, animated face, video connection.
Height 75 cm, diameter 37. Monitor 6 inches, speech database of questions and answers.

Transportnyi proezd, 13, Odintsovo, Moscow

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